How to watch live streaming on Command Line (Linux)

Livestreamer is a command line interface (CLI) client which, upon given a streaming URL, retrives live streaming video from the URL, and pipes it into a native video player running on localhost. So with Livestreamer, you can enjoy live streaming from various sources via a much stable and lightweight video player such as VLC on mplayer, without opening a web browser. So you can make your pc lighter than  when you use web browser. when you use browser for live streaming u must have flash plugin in your browser, sometimes this can make unresponsive or otherwise consumes a lot of cpu resources and even leak memory. that is because of the misbehaving/malfunctioning flash plugin.

currently, livestreamer supports streaming from over 20 different web sites incluiding Dailymotion, youtube.

Install Livestreamer on Linux

To install Livestreamer on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint :

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ sudo pip install livestreamer

To install Livestreamer on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL :

$ sudo yum install python-pip
$ sudo pip install livestreamer

by default, livestreamer attempts to pipe streaming into VLC player
How To Use Livestreamer
example :

$ livestreamer 240p

sory about my bad english 😀
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